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The Keepers

Enacted Photography

IN A FARAWAY LAND very much like our own, there dwells a curious large Eggman with an expressive face and body the color of the warm Azure Sea. They call him The Blue Eggman of Yolk because deep within his portly belly he carries magical micro-yolks, the DNA to All Lessons Past. It is said that those who absorb the yolk's essence will live a long happy life in harmony with all beings around them. Yet, those who go without, will become consumed by greed and loathing, battling anyone who crosses their path. 

Most beings in Wunderland strive to be good Keepers, dedicated to protecting the Eggman, but there are the dreadful few who refuse the gift of the yolks and are to be avoided at all costs. 

The most dangerous of these is the infamous Inky Whang, of Whang Gang fame. The Whang brothers are more than dismal, they are black at heart--evil-plotting, lustful for the crackle of splintering eggshell. Luckily, Inky Whang, incarcerated by All the King's Men, now plans his evil deeds from prison, however, it is rumored he may soon be up for parole. His brother Mack, a twisted soul, is said to be living in an abandoned pink truck on the edge of Wunderland. They say he appears to be up to no good. 

Each summer solstice the Keepers gather from all corners of the Land to the High Meadow of Kokee for a joyous feast followed by a long night of whirling dancing with the Eggman. It is a time of healing, a time of loving and a time in which the magical yolks are passed to the Keepers. 

This summer finds the Egg in the keep of Lil Bunny, a happy-go-lucky bunnygirl who, like Macky Whang, makes her home amid the twisted metal cast-offs on the edge of the Land. It's time to begin the journey to Kokee, but something, it seems, is not quite right ... 

The Story

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